SpeediCath Compact Set

Designed to be easy to carry

SpeediCath Compact Set® is a part of Coloplast’s compact series of catheters designed to be easy to carry, and with a discreet non-drug appearance for users with bladder disorders. SpeediCath Compact Set® is unique due to its bag mounted on the catheter, which collects the urine during use. This is ideal for users with chronic bladder disorders.


The user’s expectations put great demands on creativity, thus for the development of SpeediCath Compact Set®, Coloplast was in need of specialists who were creative and imaginative within concept development and could be part of an interdisciplinary cooperation with marketing, design and production at Coloplast. Furthermore, Technolution’s specialists were to be experienced in the development of mechanical systems in plastics and injection molding and have advanced skills in 3D CAD drawing documentation.

It is not enough that your medical equipment has the right features if your users are not able to use them properly. Moreover, it is critical to consider human capabilities and limitations in the interaction between user and product. Therefore, the evaluation of a product’s interface should receive the same attention as the actual development of the product.

By working systematically with usability engineering, you not only ensure that you comply with the requirements of the authorities – at the same time, you can get valuable input for the product’s requirements, specifications, and ultimately achieve products that are intuitive and safe to use and thus perform better in the market. Additionally, you will also learn what it takes to meet the requirements of ISO / IEC 62366-1: 2015 and FDA guidance, and why it is important.


In cooperation with Coloplast, Technolution undertook the product’s verification phase including Design of Experiments (DoE) to all critical features of the product. The product parts were to be optimized for molding and assembly processes (Design For Manufacture – DFM). The catheter is applied to a friction-reducing coating that must be kept moist. Therefore, it is important that the product is sealed and sterile because the catheter is to be inserted into the body.

Sales of SpeediCath have grown continuously since the announcement of the new product. Watch the video, which shows users’ response to SpeediCath Compact Set®.


What people say?

During this project, our partner, Technolution, has contributed not only to the final solution, but has also introduced us to new methods of development that will increase the efficiency of our mechanical development team in the future.
Benny Matthiassen
Head of Mechanical Design / Coloplast
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