project management - in short

Our project managers will take you from scope to launch

From idea, concept & technology development to product development and ramp up. Ending up with a final MDR/FDA approval. 

You get solid plans and projects driven with continuously focus on mitigating project risks. We will efficiently help you through the whole development process towards a finished, user-friendly and MDR/FDA certified medical device. Always on time within satisfying quality and agreed budget/resources. 

project management
project management

Our capabilities

We offer following services in the area of project management with an R&D method/tool box:

Portfolio and Resource Management

Governance Model

Stage/Gate Model Management

Project Planning

Project Risk Handling

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Training in Project management

Design Review

Design for Manufacturing
and Assembly (DFM & DFA) 

Project Management
project management - the long read

Extensive experience in managing projects

Our project managers have extensive experience in managing R&D projects or related projects for RA or QA,  in the Lifescience industries. We can drive all parts of projects for you, in R&D, but can also drive full projects, from start to launch, since we have all R&D competences in-house or collaborate with high quality partners. Combining with our specialist competences, as for instance UX, Simulation and modeling, Usability Engineering etc. we aim for high innovation, robust design, and thereby support market success and reduce cost in production – and of course ensuring we are in compliance during the whole project life time.

When executing projects for you as a client, we often find unidentified and different areas to be optimized, which can eventually influence the progress of the current project, and sometimes even the entire project portfolio which again can have an impact on your business performance, in both the short and long run.

Our senior project managers can therefore help you regaining control with your project portfolio, by helping with implementing a resource management process for all program/projects and help program/project managers building program/project plans incl. resource needs, delivering all core milestones on time, and launch on time.

Efficient Project risk management and Milestone/Detail planning

Project managers often need support in their leadership and are unclear about how to execute solid project risk management to enable efficient milestone/detail project planning. They often face difficulties in the dialogues with steering groups, with unclear role/responsibility descriptions and lack of support to the project, which often leads to significant and costly delays.

We can help your project managers get in control of the project again by taking the risk control in close dialogue with the steering group, enhancing a proactive mindset; using our project risk management tool in combination with a milestone and detail project planning tool. This will ensure timely deliveries for each task and milestone.

With this approach, the ground rule “a deal is a deal” will dominate the mindset and behavior among project members and the project manager; securing agreed targets, aligned with the steering groups goals for each project.

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What we do

We have ten areas of expertise that take you from A-Z

Whether you need a single competence or any combination of skills, our experts are ready to assist you through the entire development process. Based on the specific needs of the project, we assemble the ideal team of specialists.

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