Technolution and MGS Group: taking global MedTech and Pharma from wish to final product seamlessly

Technolution is a part of global medical device contract manufacturer, MGS Group, and thus a unique one-stop-shop in the MedTech and Pharma value chain. We literally take the industry from ‘could we actually?’ to final, commercial device in one flow based on data, innovation, and knowledge.
in a nutshell

A world of opportunities

Technolution joined forces with MGS Group back in June 2023 aiming to provide an even smoother collaboration with clients bringing new MedTech and Pharma devices to market faster.

Together we offer industry leading expertise in every step of the device journey: from the very first design ideas right through to high-volume production.

What we say

By combining our expertise, we achieve a unique, comprehensive offering for the market, covering every step from early-stage design through testing and validation to high-volume manufacturing. Technolution, as part of the MGS Group, opens up exciting possibilities for our clients, employees, and users of MedTech and Pharma devices.
Allan Spork
Founder & Primary Shareholder
Pharma and MedTech companies are increasingly demanding end-to-end solutions from a single supplier such as Technolution and MGS. For customers, this means a more integrated process, smoother collaboration through all phases, and as a result, faster time-to-market.”
Thomas Bach Agerslev
CEO & Managing Partner

Call us if you want to talk

Allan Spork: +45 45 26 10 10

Thomas Bach Agerslev: +45 52 21 60 60

What MGS says

Adding Technolution to the MGS Group family opens new opportunities for clients and employees. Extending our offerings into the early stages of product development takes us to the next level of medical contract manufacturing.”
Paul Manley
CEO & President, MGS Mfg. Group Inc.