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User Experience and Design done right can increase patient health and safety, reduce pain and stigma associated with illness – and create business value for the Pharma and MedTech companies behind the medical device. The UX and Design team at Technolution helps clients identify and design future medical devices and turn them into real products.

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We are convinced that working together is the best way to unlock growth opportunities. We will co-create a tailored process, all the way from concept to prototype to the finished product. You can also team up with us for a defined area of our expertise:

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Desirability, feasibility and viability.

These are three key terms to the Technolution UX and Design team when exploring future medical devices with our clients.

Desirability covers the requirements to a medical device as determined by the needs and desires of users and health care professionals. Feasibility concerns, whether the medical device is realizable from an engineering and cost perspective. And viability regards assessing the potential of the medical device for creating business value. These terms are at the core of our mindset. In our experience, true innovation is only achieved by a sustained focus on all three.

Our UX and Design team explores new medical device concepts in a creative and curious manner. This is important when striving to create medical devices that empower the end-user. While compliance to regulatory requirements is key, we must also bring an intuitive and non-stigmatizing user experience to the patients. User Experience and Design at Technolution is done through a combination of methods within anthropology, engineering, behavioral design and industrial design as well as business development. Our team stands out from the competition by having an exclusive focus on the Pharma and MedTech industry. Furthermore, our UX experts have a strong engineering background and are able to draw from a wide set of in-house competencies within other areas, e.g. Mechanical Engineering, Quality Management and Design Control.

The UX and Design team at Technolution can assist your business in several ways – from individual assignments to consultancy during the lifetime of a development project. We also offer a 5-week industry tailored Design Sprint based on the client’s specific set of challenges or opportunities. At the end of the five weeks, the client will receive a catalogue of possible future solutions based on research among patients and health care professionals. We deliver tangible prototypes based on direct user input and evaluation of the solutions’ feasibility, usability, risks and development costs and timelines. In short; everything you need to make an informed decision on which solution to pursue. With our broad range of expertise, we will put together a strong cross-disciplinary team for subsequently helping the client make the chosen medical solution become a real-life product.

Our mindset is different from that of most other design agencies. Being 100% focused on Pharma and Medtech, we are on top of all the regulatory requirements in the industry. Furthermore, our experience means that we early on can identify and separate good design decisions from those that might cause problems later in the development phase” – Kasper Friis, Head of UX and Design at Technolution.


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