Kasper Friis

Head of User Experience and Design
Kasper friiis, head of user experience design, writer of: Balancing data and imagination for success in product innovation. and medical device design
More about Kasper
Kasper is Head of UX and Design at Technolution and focused on driving early-stage development from research to tangible results, fast and user-centered. To do this, Kasper relies on the experiences he has gathered through more than a decade as an innovation consultant; driving, facilitating, and executing fuzzy front-end projects for clients all over the world. His focus is to leave no stone unturned in the early stages, to prevent the wrong product be taken too far in the later and very costly development stages. To Kasper, getting the right product to market is key. Kasper has a lot of innovation tool and techniques under his belt to help navigate the explorative and strategic development phases – tools that he also helps future designers and engineers master via his engagement at the Technical University of Denmark where he teaches and trains students in Design Thinking, Design Sprints, Human-Centered Design and Design for behavioral change.

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