Simulation and Modeling
simulation and modeling - in short

Advanced Simulation and Modeling bring you data-driven decision making

We provide valuable insights on critical product features through advanced simulations, while lowering risk and enabling faster time-to-market.

Alexandre, from Simulation and Modeling
simulation and modeling

Our capabilities

Whether your organization needs a single of our competences or the entire range, we are here to help you. 

Simulation-driven Conceptualization

Functional Assessments

Variation Studies

Shelf-life Calculations

Drop Testing

Assembly Simulations

Simulation and Modeling
simulation and modeling - the long read

How can Simulation & Modeling be applied to development of devices?

You can gain early insights and understand the inner workings and performance of your MedTech device at any stage of the development project.

Technolution provides full simulation management solutions, meshing with your organization’s development functions.

We offer simulation of simple mechanisms to building high-fidelity digital twins by leveraging our expertise on MedTech devices, materials, mechanics, and Test & Verification when performing Finite Element Method (FEM) simulations.

Can I lower costs and improve innovation?

Save time and cost by leveraging FEM simulations throughout your development project – from early concept selection to detailed product performance testing.

Simulations not only help catching the problems before they occur, otherwise resulting in failed tests, but also enables wider exploration of potential solutions – both when designing the product, as well as for mitigation of found issues.

In short, save resources on expensive prototyping whilst finding the most innovative and reliable solutions.

Alexandre, Head of Simulation and Modeling
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