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A test & verification framework tailored to your product development process?

Technolution helps organizations get the product development process on the right track from day one – and keep it there all the way to production. Our Test & Verification experts have extensive experience making Medtech and Pharma companies avoid common pitfalls and keep a sharp focus on developing the product to specification, on time and within budget.

test and verification

Our capabilities

Whether your organization needs a single of our competences or the entire range, we are here to help you.

Verification Planning and Execution

Root Cause Analysis and Mitigations

Test Setup and Method Development

Test Documentation and Reporting

Data analysis and Statistical Insights

Shaping Product Specifications

test and verification
test and verification - the long read

Will your next medical device meet requirements to safety, sustainability and function?

And are you 100% sure that the new device being developed lives up to the desired specifications?

Medtech and Pharma companies should be able to answer those questions with the highest level of confidence. Developing new medical devices is a long and challenging journey and straying just a few degrees off course from the beginning may bring trouble along the way, resulting in e.g. failing regulatory scrutiny or falling short of the requirements to the product. At Technolution, we help Medtech and Pharma companies steer clear of these costly and time consuming mistakes.

When working for clients, our Test & Verification specialists become an integral part of your team. We are always friendly and respectful towards our team coworkers, but not afraid to bring new ideas to the table or challenge the status quo. We take pride in being nerdy specialists with a keen eye for detail, but never lose sight of the bigger picture during product development. We are skilled at identifying and correcting a flawed design and foreseeing unexpected issues during the development process. With 10 areas of expertise in-house, we combine multiple skills to come up with the best solution for our clients and their customers.

Based on proven methods, we can help your organization develop a custom Test & Verification framework that greatly increases your chances of developing innovative products while at the same time fulfilling regulatory requirements.

Technolution Test & Verification framework - 5 key advantages
  1. Improved repeatability and reproducibility – Increase certainty
  2. Known distribution before verification – Minimising test burden
  3. Appropriate sampling plans – Statistical sound evidence
  4. Fewer late stage changes – Front loading evidence gathering
  5. Minimising late stage re-planning – Earlier project risk identification


Our Test & Verification specialists have worked on a vast array of projects in the Medtech and Pharma industry and therefore draw on extensive real-world experience from medical device development projects. Besides a deep knowledge of standards like ISO 11608 (Needle-based Injection Systems), we have in-house test facilities for meeting our clients’ needs for mechanical device tests during product development.

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Since joining forces with the MGS Group, we are able to integrate advanced manufacturing knowledge into the earliest design phase and minimize the number of iterations. Our complete offering takes your project seamless through the entire value chain ensuring faster time-to-market combined with minimized risk. What’s not to like ?

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