project scoping - in short

Identify new market potential with Project Scoping

Project Scoping helps you get on the right path from the very beginning. To all challenges there are an abundance of solutions. Some with a greater market potential than others. Some more suitable than others.  

project scoping

Our capabilities

Project Scoping is applicable to gaining specific insights e.g. about possible collaborators, a chosen product type or a specific solution to a specific problem within the project. Our capabilities can be chosen and combined as required:

Technology Scouting

IoT Strategy

MedTech Platform Research

New Business Development

Strategic Planning

Business Intelligence

Profitability Improvement 

Performance Optimization

Best Pratice & Benchmarking

project scoping - the long read

We are your team – from the very beginning

Our team will help you identify the market potential of the many different possibilities and technologies, new trends and user needs. We help you bridge the gap between market requests and the technologies available to meet them.

Our team consists of dedicated people who specialises in different aspects of Business Development. From trend-spotting to assessing feasible technology and potential market value. And we are ready to become part of your team.

Your in-depth knowledge and experience combined with our specialised competencies will establish a solid framework of opportunities and multiple paths to success on the market for your future product.

Business Development is best introduced in the earliest phases of the development process, where ideas are matured and put to the test. It runs parallel with ideation, concept development and user experience. It may also reappear later in the project as the focus narrows down on a few essential options in need of further insights before a proper decision can be made to move forward.


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What we do

We have ten areas of expertise that takes you from A-Z

We advise at all levels, regardless of the need for either a single competence or a full project. Depending on the size of the project, we constitute the right team of specialists.

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