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Ready for IVDR? You can have our Design Control team make the compliance as one of many deliverables

Design Control (DC) is an integral part of executing a focused and successful development process for a medical device. From risk management to requirements specification, verification and traceability, our DC specialists have extensive experience with being a part of our clients’ development team, acting as co-workers on a shared mission to develop compliant and safe medical devices that fulfill user needs.

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What we'll help you with

Whether your organization needs a single competence or the entire range, we are here to help you with: 

Risk Management 

Product Requirements



Design Transfer

Assessment of Product
Specific Standards

of Patents

IFU – Labelling including Instructions for Use

Assessment of Patents

Assessment of Product Specific Standards

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Developing high quality products in the gap between requirements and deadlines

Demonstrating that a medical device meets the requirements for safety, regulations and intended use, is at the heart of Design Control. We can assist with Design Control throughout an entire development project, which requires not only a sharp focus on controlling the quality of the physical product, but also of the product documentation.

Recently, the new IVDR (In Vitro Diagnostic Regulation) came into force, and this is one of many areas in which our specialists are ready to help your organization become compliant with the newest legislation affecting medical device development.

Technolution is in compliance with ISO 13485, risk management procedures according to ISO 14971, and Usability Engineering activities according to IEC 62366-1. Furthermore, we are experienced working with a wide range of device specific standards ensuring that the medical device fulfills all pertinent requirements and regulations.

Diverse Design Control team

Common for all our Design Control specialists is a profound technical understanding and the required expertise within Design Control. Another shared trait is our ability to end up knowing a client’s project and organization every bit as well as the client’s own employees. When engaging in a development project for a client, we always strive to meet co-workers at eye level and work within the rules and boundaries set by the organization, while holding on to our professionalism and mindset.

Design Control requires people skills

To succeed in helping our clients, we value people and communication skills highly. These skills are key to understanding the specific challenges in the client’s organization, and to finding solutions that comply with regulatory requirements related to the client’s product and development project. Besides communication skills, we also take pride in our technical background and expertise. We always aim to make the best possible use of the capabilities of our specialists individually, and of our broad range of other MedTech competencies in-house.

Michael, Head of Design Control
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We work for and with our clients. But at the same time, it is very important for us to not just blindly do what the client tells us. We bring our own expertise to the table and therefore know how to put forth qualified solutions to the challenges of our client. Furthermore, we possess a varied and deep knowledge of the trends and innovations in the medical device industry, which we are able to bring into play during new development projects."
Michael Tokeskov Mikkelsen
Head of Design Control
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Whether you need a single competence or any combination of skills, our experts are ready to assist you through the entire development process. Based on the specific needs of the project, we assemble the ideal team of specialists.

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