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Design Transfer

To ensure that the production of a medical device design is feasible, the production capabilities must be assessed in a controlled process. We work with Design for Manufacturing and Design for Assembly to ensure alignment between the design and production capabilities of your organization. This requires cooperation and negotiation between the design team and the production team – a process that we know how to manage.

Controlling risk is crucial in a production environment, and one of the important aspects of design transfer from R&D to production is the implementation of a risk control strategy.

Our services within Design Transfer include:

1. Design Transfer Plan

We can help your organization develop a structured, controlled and efficient plan for design transfer based on the device design. This involves the facilitation of close cooperation between the design team and the production team.

2. Design Transfer Reviews

Based on the Design Transfer Plan, we can assist the production team with providing input to the design transfer process based on a thorough review process.

3. Design Transfer Report

When the process of creating and reviewing the Design Transfer is completed, we can assist with creating the final report documenting the finalization of design transfer.