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We solve complex mechanical, electronics or software challenges to deliver creative and robust design for medical devices

Need expert assistance for solving problems in a MedTech development project? Or perhaps you are looking for an end-to-end development partner all the way from product ideation to design transfer? Regardless of project scope, Technolution can help solve a wide range of mechanical engineering challenges based on a broad set of in-house competencies and experience with solving real-world problems for our clients.

You can team up with us for a single competence or a full project. We’ll help you achieve your goals. We are familiar with the processes, the regulatory requirements, and the culture. We have walked down many roads, which makes us able to help our clients in achieving their goals safely – from the first ideation to finalized products.  

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Mechanical engineering

Our capabilities

A multiple and varied set of disciplines are managed by our experienced team responsible for Mechanical Engineering:

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Mechanical engineering - the long read

Enthusiasm and the will to succeed with robust design for people with a need for it

What is the right way to measure success in a mechanical engineering project? We believe that solving the particular challenges of our clients and leaving them in a better position than before is a pretty good metric.

Our wide range of in-house competencies means that we can engage with everything from targeted problem solving to end-to-end medical device development projects. In addition to mechanical engineering, our specialists work within and collaborate across disciplines like project management, user experience design, simulation, test and verification, which results in a 360 degree engineering mindset.

Our Mechanical Engineering team is intimately aware of the demands laid upon your future product. First of all you need to have a viable business case. You also need a short time-to-marked. Especially relevant are the regulatory requirements and standards. They impose strict requirements for the development and approval of Medical Devices. And in addition, you must ensure that the end-user finds your product appealing.

We have years of extensive experience working with medical device development. And we have done so for leading medical device companies. As a result, we are at the forefront of the unique demands of Medical Device development.

This involves mechanical engineering, risk management, quality, regulatory affairs and documentation. This is what we do.

Consequently, you will gain access to our expertise and a complete structure, facilities and tools. We have designed these specifically to ensure, that your product will go to market successfully. Therefore we are working with a proven development model. You will reduce both the costs and the expensive iterations during the production process.

Get it right and get there fast

One of the most important traits at Technolution is our culture. It underlines everything we do, and combines excellent people skills with nerdy, technical expertise. For our clients, this means that we listen carefully to all relevant stakeholders during a mechanical engineering project and are not afraid to challenge clients to consider new solutions and paths to project success. We also possess strong engineering skills and are up-to-date on the latest regulatory requirements and trends within e.g. sustainable product development.

Dealing with unforeseen challenges is a common issue during mechanical engineering projects due to the inherent complexity of a medical device. Our holistic approach and hands-on experience working with clients in the Pharma & MedTech industry makes us able to spot potential issues early on and mitigate problems late in the mechanical engineering project. In fact, we are here to help our clients all the way from product ideation to production readiness.

Because we help you spot errors and false assumptions early on, you reduce the risks of corrections during production. You will at the same time be provided with proper validation of decisions throughout the process.

We continuously build “best practices” for processes, activities and documentation. And we implement them in our own quality management system.

Finally, we can provide individual resources as well as complete development teams. This applies to the development of Medical Devices according to ISO 13485 and MDD / IVDD, consumer electronics, products and systems in the Clean Tech industry.

Technolution can handle the entire process. We are with you from idea to finished product and CE marking. Our quality management system ensures high quality and efficiency in our services, whether projects and activities are taking place on the clients’ premises or Technolution’s premises.

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Whether you need a single competency or a combination of skills, our experts are ready to assist you through the entire development process. Based on the specific needs of the project, we assemble the ideal team of specialists.

Since joining forces with the MGS Group, we are able to integrate advanced manufacturing knowledge into the earliest design phase and minimize the number of iterations. Our complete offering takes your project seamless through the entire value chain ensuring faster time-to-market combined with minimized risk. What’s not to like ?

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