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Assessment of Patents

Spending years designing and developing a new medical device only to discover that the device infringes an existing patent is an unfortunate situation to say the least. Our Design Control team has extensive experience uncovering potential conflicts with existing and competing patents and can help your organization avoid patent clashes when designing new medical devices. We can also help assess whether a patent description has a sufficient level of novelty.

Our patent assessment services include:

1. Understanding and working around existing/competing patents

We can give input to an assessment whether a potential conflict with an existing patent as identified by a patent agent is in fact a conflict that requires a design change.

2. Providing input to patent descriptions of new design solutions
We can help describe the uniqueness of your medical device design and assess whether the patent description has a sufficient level of detail. We can also assist in making sure that your device patent is not easily bypassed by competition working on similar device designs.