Radiometer Medical ABL90

A new generation of blood gas analyzers

Radiometer was about to launch a new generation of blood gas analyzers characterized in that they were to be integrated with new sensor technology and that the entire series was based on a brand new platform for Radiometer. There were high demands for low cost, minimal crosstalk, high functional reliability, gas tightness and channels with small volume. To ensure a quick announcement of the new range of products, Technolution was drawn into the project and actively participated in the development.

Technolution was involved in:

The response time and the size of blood sample has been more than halved compared to typical devices. In only 35 seconds, 17 parameters are determined from of sample of just 65 microliters of blood (about 2 drops of blood). Furthermore, the unit has become very compact, with simplified maintenance and an intuitive touch screen for safe and simple operation.


What people say?

During the development of ABL90 Technolution has delivered flexible, competent and proactive work in good and close collaboration with our team.
Carsten Aagaard
R&D Manager / Radiometer Medical
Based on experience from previous collaborations Technolution was the natural choice for the job.​
Carsten Aagaard
R&D Manager / Radiometer Medical
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