Mechanical Engineer

Apply your mechanical knowledge to something that matters for both the company and the future user of the medical device.

Career in MedTech

Have you recently graduated, and have you considered an exciting career in MedTech?

Senior Quality Consultant

Senior Quality Consultant

Would you like to facilitate efficient business management systems within the Medical Device industry, specifically IVD and combination products?

Human Factors Specialist

Human Factors Specialist

Are you excited about Human Factors/Usability Engineering and developing the medical devices of the future?

Our Core Story

Our house is a place of experienced professionals and upcoming talents. What we have in common is that we all strive to do our best together as we enter the doors at Technolution or at our clients.


Adapting design to current process Disposable anesthesia masks Great demands were put on usability and ergonomically correct use. Therefore, users and other stakeholders were involved in the development. Adapting the design to the current process competencies in Ambu’s plant in China was also an important issue, as the items are disposable meaning that low unit […]