systems engineer meeting
Systems engineer

Does planning and documenting medical device activities in all phases of the development sound like just the right opportunity for you?

Are you ready to excel in a team of likeminded specialists, who want to take on challenging and exciting projects in some of the leading companies in the medtech and pharma industry? Do you thrive in an outgoing, hands-on role, and does knowledge sharing and holistic thinking come natural to you?

Don’t be careful what you wish for

Don’t be careful what you wish for

Because we are confident that we can realize your dreams. At Technolution you will be a part of a great team of 10 nice and nerdy Design Control Specialists. Together you will work with clients ranging from start-ups to top frontier companies and get the opportunity to work on a wide range of interesting medical device products.

One of our main strengths as a medtech house is our combined knowledge. To make sure we capitalize on all that wisdom under our roof, we make it our business to share and collaborate with each other within and across areas of competence. Apart from your own team, you can expect to work especially close with your Technolution colleagues from Usability Engineering, QM, Labeling and Mechanical Engineering. If you along the way should become curious about developing your skills within one of the above disciplines, we’ll encourage and support you.

We have a few wishes too

You have hands-on experience and enjoy the world of design control, ISO 13485, ISO 14971, IEC 62366-1 and possibly with FDA requirements for development of medical devices, creation of requirements, test plans, test protocols, test reports and risk management.

You naturally take a holistic view of the development process and find solutions and give advice that takes our clients context into consideration.

You thrive working with highly qualified teams on diverse projects and find it natural to build good relations with clients and colleagues, because you know that creates the best conditions for delivering great results.

Should we meet?

Do you want to go the formal way, by sending an application or just start by having a cup of coffee and an informal chat?

Both ways work for us, just drop us a line at and please state the position in the header. You are also welcome to call Michael Tokeskov Mikkelsen: +45 4245 8510

The way we work is our mark – tn!

We are a hub of knowledge, crisscrossing and innovation. We are almost 80 nice and nerdy consultants – breaking the mold of the traditional consultant role in several ways. We always work as part of a team, we keep regular working hours, we don’t have individual sales target, we focus on helping our clients reach their project goals, and we share a true team spirit, honesty, and respect – altogether fostering a great culture of good relationships.

Meet Technolution

Technolution is a growing consultancy within Pharma and MedTech teaming up with clients to develop innovative and life-improving medical devices. We are based in Hørsholm in charming surroundings, most of our clients are located near Copenhagen, and our colleagues are switching between on-site and remote work.

Our ten areas of expertise enable us to assist our clients in all stages of the product development cycle, bringing high tech skills with a human touch. Over the past 20 years, Technolution has developed a culture of trust and professionalism, reflected in our increasing number of new and returning clients – from small startups to some of the largest players in the field.

Usability Engineering with Technolution