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5-Weeks Design Sprint

At Technolution, we strive to be the running shoes that our clients use to sprint into the future. To make this happen, we offer our clients a 5-week proven and industry tailored Design Sprint for developing new and innovative medical devices. When working with our team of experts, the client will experience an atmosphere of deep professionalism, friendliness and a nerdy attention to detail. At the same time, we are open-minded team players that respect the clients’ budget and schedule.

Why five weeks? Because while being focused on speed and agility, we should never sacrifice our focus on ensuring product desirability, feasibility and viability. The Pharma and Medtech companies are characterized by a high level of professionalism, and one-week sprints commonly used in other industries simply don’t cut it here. Still, five weeks are to be considered nimble in a sector known for long development cycles.


The UX and Design team at Technolution facilitates exploration and creation of future medical devices during the 5-week sprint. An important part of concept development is maintaining a clear focus on the user needs. At Technolution, we feel highly responsible towards the medical devices developed in cooperation with our clients, because the goal of the product ultimately is to improve health or save the lives of human beings. During the five weeks, our team of designers and engineers works closely with both the client and with patients and/or health care professionals. We have several competencies in-house with a number of different specialists criss-crossing knowledge and skills between each other. Being able to draw from a wide range of experts with a deep knowledge within their field is an advantage to our clients. It is also something that we are very proud of.

With the 5-Week Design Sprint, the goal is to develop a set of possible future medical devices quickly, without losing sight of the following key questions:

Does the medical device empower the patient? Is the medical device feasible from an engineering and cost perspective? Will the medical device create business value?

The 5 weeks are planned as

Week 1 – Explore: We unravel the needs, hopes and dreams of patients, health care professionals and organizations. We gather market, product and competitor insight.

Week 2 – Create: Relevant medical device concepts are selected, sketched and co-created with internal and external stakeholders.

Week 3 – Prototype: We refine and select relevant medical device concepts – then make prototypes to test business potential.

Week 4 – Test: We conduct field tests, analyze the potential impact of the medical device and document the learnings.

Week 5 – Deliver: We refine the medical device concepts and document the best of them. Accompanying packaging concepts are built for selected device concepts. We present the client with a recommendation for developing the potential medical device concepts including relative comparison of device desirability, feasibility and viability.