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Discover new essential tools for effectively quantifying user input within drug delivery systems. Empower yourself and your company to make informed decisions throughout the development process.

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The challenges in choosing auto-­injectors can cause pharma companies to spend excessive time on drug delivery devices as opposed the actual drug development. Additionally, developing an auto-injector from scratch is complex and requires vast engineering know-how, while standard auto-injector platforms offered by OEMs often lack the needed customization options. Assessing the best-fit platform therefor remains a challenge that must avoid neglecting patient needs that could lead to health risk or recall.

Technolution provides the needed capabilities in assessing and developing injection devices, that will ultimately minimize the risks involved for the drug developers. Combining our nerdy expertise with human skills, our team excel in technical and organizational challenges, ensuring alignment between drug and device development from assessment to design transfer.
Over the years, we have helped Pharma & MedTech companies create high-­quality products, utilizing our auto-injector platform assessment procedure and toolbox to compare,and evaluate available options based on factors like user needs and drug properties.

In our experience, the best results are achieved by adapting the device to the drug – not the other way around. This founding idea is sup­ported by the three outlined criteria when evaluating specific injection device platforms: use related assessment, technical assessment, and vendor assessment.

However, timing of the platform assess­ment itself must be equally prioritized. In general, the earlier the involvement, the better. By bringing in specialized engineers, prefer­ably before the end of phase 1, risks of misaligning drug and device are mini­mized while reducing market delays.

Transform your product development journey with these groundbreaking tools! Designed to make redesigns faster and more cost-effective, they revolutionize the traditional process, ensuring efficiency at every turn. By harnessing the power of factual data and prioritizing user insights, our tools pave the way for smarter, more informed decisions. Embrace innovation and efficiency — a win-win solution for your business! 

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