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Stine Graff Sørensen

Senior Industrial Designer
Stine Graff Sørensen at Technolution
More about Stine
Stine holds a Master of Arts in architecture from the Royal Academy, specialized in industrial design. She has 12 years of experience from both well-known Danish design agencies and tech companies, and from working on a broad variety of products, mainly within the field of tech and medical devices. Stine brings a very packed toolbox, containing strong skills in research, design for intuitive use, UX and digital design, CMF, packaging, instructions for use and many other skills. Besides her work at Technolution, Stine also unleash her creativity when she creates unica pieces at her own ceramic studio. Stine is very excited to be part of the TN team and can’t wait to get going on creating amazing and innovative products together with the rest of the team.

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