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Rikke Olsen

Senior Human Factors Specialist
Rikke is Sr. Human Factors Engineer at Technolution
More about Rikke
Rikke is a Sr. Human Factors Specialist and has a strong passion for people and how they understand and interact with user interfaces in a fast-moving world with many distractions. Special focus in on how to ensure safe and effective design of medical devices to the benefit of users around the world. Rikke has worked with medico companies for more than 10 years and has Human Factors Engineering as her focus area. She has worked with both combination products and medical devices. She has gained her experience through work across all design development phases from early research to validation and submission documentation. She has experience with both program-management as well as hands-on experience with moderation and design and execution of user studies. Her experience is gained through work with domestic as well as international clients. Rikke has a Masters degree in Intercultural communication from Aalborg University as well as a Masters degree in Interaction Design from the IT-University in Copenhagen.

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