Mia Walter

Junior Marketing Professional
Mia Walter, Junior Marketing Professional at Technolution
More about Mia
Mia is currently pursuing a professional bachelor’s degree in Innovation and Entrepreneurship at CPH Business. Previously, she completed her studies as a multimedia designer specializing in user experience and design. She possesses a strong passion for design and her comprehensive skills and knowledge acquired during her multimedia education include sustainable business development, user experience design, graphic design, marketing, and visual communication. She aims to build upon this foundation by obtaining a bachelor’s degree in Innovation and Entrepreneurship. Driven to continued learning and translating knowledge into practical application, Mia aspires to work in the field of innovation. Her dream is to utilize her expertise to create novel and innovative projects that contribute to the future and foster growth for businesses. Proficient in creative thinking, she excels in seamlessly integrating technology and design to yield satisfying outcomes.

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