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Mathias Nørbæk Bjerring

Design Control Specialist
More about Mathias
Mathias graduated as a biomedical engineer from the Technical University of Denmark (DTU) back in 2019. As a Biomedical Engineer, Mathias has great insight into the technical aspects of a wide variety of medical devices ranging from mechanical autoinjectors to complex medical imaging equipment. The technical know-how is coupled with a strong foundation in medical science which in turn gives Mathias a wholesome approach to device development understanding both the medical need and the technical solution. With more than 8 years of experience in the life science industry, Mathias has developed a proficiency for working in a highly regulated field and an ability to operate effectively while ensuring regulative compliance. Driven by enthusiasm and curiosity, Mathias excels at making device design that meet user needs within the regulatory umbrella, where documentation and traceability is key. As a Design Control Specialist, he is especially well suited, with his both technical background and medical insight, to drive and bridge design inputs, risk management and design outputs to ensure that a medical device can be a success for both the patient and as a commercial product.

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