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Martin Ahlberg Enemark

Senior Development Engineer
More about Martin
Martin holds an M.Sc. in Design & Innovation from the Technical University of Denmark and has been a part of Technolution’s ambitious team since 2016. Before joining Technolution, he has worked with water innovations, emission control solutions, and food filling equipment. In Technolution, he has worked with product development of primarily autoinjector devices from early concepts conduction tests using simple Arduino test setups to late state development where robustness methods are applied to ensure the quality of the product. Martin is now part of the Late State Mechanical Engineering team and has a pragmatic approach, and believes that the robustness methods, though their relevance, never should become a straitjacket that removes the focus on high professionalism and involvement of expertise knowledge. The end goal is to provide user-friendly health care technologies that minimize the risk of incorrect treatment. Martin is also involved in ensuring access to training and continuing education for the mechanical development team.

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