Mahmood Amani

Development Engineer
Mahmood Amani
More about Mahmood
Mahmood is a Development Engineer belonging to the late-stage development team at Technolution. He obtained his master’s degree in biomedical engineering, specializing in mechanics and materials, from Technical University of Denmark (DTU). His thesis was on designing, developing, and simulating a microfluidic system, capable of implementing biochemical reaction cascades, multi-disciplinary between mechanics and pharmaceutics. During his master studies, he actively worked as a Product Engineer at ExSeed Health, contributing to various projects aimed at reducing device costs and assembly complexity through DFM and DFA. He has also gained experience in fields of manufacturing processes, material selection, and prototyping during his work at ExSeed Health. Mahmood is recognized as a team player and problem solver, who can provide optimal solutions in line with project budget and time constrains.

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