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Linnea Noes Gätke

Design Control Specialist
More about Linnea
Linnea graduated as a biomedical engineer from the Technical University of Denmark (DTU) in 2019. As a biomedical engineer, Linnea has a broad knowledge of the different aspects of medical device development. She has a great insight into the technical aspects of many different types of medical devices such as injection devices and medical imaging equipment. Along with a great understanding of the human physiology and pathology, she has a strong foundation for developing medical devices taking both the medical need and technical possibilities into consideration. Linnea joined Technolution in 2020, after having worked as a research assistant and teaching assistant within medical image analysis at DTU. As a Design Control Specialist, Linnea has been working with several aspects within design control, risk management and labeling. She has great experience working within the highly regulated field of medical device development and excels at providing high quality documentation and traceability.

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