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Jon Storm Madsen

Head of Usability Engineering / Partner
More about Jon
Jon is head of Usability Engineering in Technolution and is passionate about developing user interfaces for lifesaving new medical technology which are intuitive and safe to use for the intended users. Jon has worked with medical devices for more than 10 years with a dedicated focus on Human Factors Engineering and User Interface design for the past 7 years. Jon has worked with Medical Devices, Combination products and In Vitro Diagnostics in numerous projects. Jon is experienced all parts of the development process, and is an expert in planning, facilitating and reporting usability evaluations. In addition to hands on project work, Jon is heading the continuous development of Technolution’s Usability Engineering services and he is also part of the Technolution senior management team. Jon has an engineering Masters degree in Design & Innovation from the Danish Technical University and is trained in both Usability Engineering and Risk Management. In 2018 he co-initiated the Usability Engineering expert group in Medicoindustrien (the Danish MedTech industry association) facilitating knowledge sharing between human factors professionals in Denmark, a group for which he is also chairman.

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