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Ida Emilie Karpf

Human Factors Specialist
Ida Emilie Karpf, Human Factors Specialist at Technolution
More about Ida
Ida is passionate about applying usability in development phases to ensure safe and effective use. She has experience working with usability engineering processes such as planning, task analysis, formative and summative evaluations as well as documentation. Ida has been part of development projects including conducting field studies and risk and validation support. She possesses practical experience in project work, management and cross-functional collaboration in a medical technology setting. Apart from her special focus on Human Factors Engineering, Ida also has an interest in design control, human-centered design and product development. Additionally, she holds a background working within user experience development and in product management. Ida holds a MSc in Design & Innovation from the Technical University of Denmark, where she developed her dedicated focus in understanding the interaction between the user and product.

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