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Hanna Juul-Andersen

Junior Specialist
Hanna-Juul-Andersen at Technolution
More about Hanna
Hanna is currently studying for the master’s degree in Design and Innovation at DTU. Her angle on the master’s programme is how to co-create and facilitate the best possible way for creating a new innovative product. Her knowledge about innovative methods, project scoping, and value management combined with user experience and interdisciplinary work is her core competencies. Her passion to involve every stakeholder shine through here and she is eager to learn more. In the bachelor she investigated project management and stakeholder management. Her bachelor thesis investigated how a project manager could manage maintaining the main idea behind a building throughout its construction and satisfy every stakeholder and their values. In addition, she has been a teacher assistant for 2 years at DTU in the course Project Management where she has helped more than 250 students. She works as a project coordinator for DTU as well. As a project coordinator she helps students across every study line at DTU to scope their project and make them achieve a product in the end. She is dedicated for product development with its foundation in the scoping and stakeholder management.

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