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Christoffer Bohn Burlin-Ebert

Development Engineer
Christoffer-Bohn-Burlin-Ebert at Technolution
More about Christoffer
Christoffer has joined Technolution for the second time, after having worked with us on his Master’s Thesis on Integrated Product Development in an Entrepreneurial Setting. He holds both a bachelor’s degree and a Master’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering from The Technical University of Denmark. Through his studies, Christoffer has tried to create a broad encompassing profile with skills within FEA, material strength, composite work, and production methods, with more design-focused skills within Holistic design, product architecture, and product development. In addition to this, he has, through working as a Teaching Assistant, gained competencies in Entrepreneurial leadership and how to support start-ups. Since concluding his studies, Christoffer has been developing his skills in project management and stakeholder engagement while working with DTU Entrepreneurship on their flagship project DTU Board Education. Outside work, Christoffer stays active by challenging himself in different sports, while trying to accrue varied knowledge within obscure subjects.

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