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After having produced the first prototype (proof-of-concept), Scanbur had the need to utilize external competencies to define the platform, varieties and structure, as well as to implement the detailed product maturing and the industrial design.

Scanbur wanted the new platform to strengthen their business base and their market position through:

The article on supports this statement:

Denmark’s Scanbur has won its biggest contract ever to supply medical equipment worth millions to a new department at the Karolinska Institute – an order that increases the company’s belief in its own product development.

Read the original article here: Karolinska injects millions in Danish medtech company.



We unravel the needs, hopes and dreams of patients, health care professionals and organizations. We gather market, product and competitor insight.



Relevant medical device concepts are selected, sketched and co-created with internal and external stakeholders.



We refine and select relevant medical device concepts – then make prototypes to test business potential.



We conduct field tests, analyze the potential impact of the medical device and document the learnings.



We refine the medical device concepts and document the best of them. Accompanying packaging concepts are built for selected device concepts. We present the client with a recommendation for developing the potential medical device concepts including relative comparison of device desirability, feasibility and viability.

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