Thomas Peter Sønderby

Development Engineer
Thomas is Development Engineer at Technolution
More about Thomas
As an engineer one of my key passions is to use my skills to make an impact and create solutions for challenging and complex problems. In 2018 I finished my master’s degree in Design & Innovation from Technical University of Denmark. After a year of developing underwater cameras in the startup Paralenz, I was fortunate enough to get the chance to work at Technolution and I haven’t looked back since. For me it’s really exciting to help our customers realize their products, by using the expertise I have within medical device development. I especially enjoy working with the early stages of products development and have strong skills in areas like concept development and prototyping. Additionally, I have experience with late-stage development. For example: design of plastic products, dFM, tolerance chains etc. Besides my professional skills I’m a quite easygoing person who try to do my part to ensure a positive atmosphere and progress in a project.

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