Oliver Sandholdt Kolmers

Development Engineer
More about Oliver
Oliver joined Technolution in 2019 as Junior Development Engineer, while studying at the university, and continued working as Development Engineer in 2021 after completing his studies. He holds a Bachelor’s (BSc) and Master’s (MSc) degree in Design and Innovation from the Technical University of Denmark. As part of his Master Thesis, he investigated how to develop more sustainable medical solutions by quantifying and visualizing the effects that product concepts have on the environment. Throughout his studies and his work at Technolution, he has also shown a key interest in user experience design as well as visual design, industrial design, and interaction design, all of which he combines with great excitement when designing the next generation of more sustainable and meaningful solutions. He creates product concepts from the initial stages of an idea and bring them to life using an iterative design approach, often involving the use of rapid prototyping, placing the human in the center of the process, hereby ensuring that a meaningful experience is achieved.

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