Jane Nygaard Eriksen

Human Factors Specialist
More about Jane
Jane is a Human Factors Specialist in Technolution. Jane’s key passion is to bring safe and well-performing devices to the market by ensuring an optimal interface between the user and the medical device in a clinical or home-based setting. Jane has worked with medical devices for the past 2 years with a dedicated focus on the safety and performance in both hospital and pre-hospital settings. Jane has experience as a clinical research specialist and has an in-depth focus on risk management, usability engineering and design control in compliance with relevant regulatory requirements and standards. Further, Jane has broad experience with project management; including planning and reporting on both evaluations and trials. Jane has an MSc and PhD in nutrition from University of Copenhagen, Denmark. Jane has worked in academia for 10 years with a primary focus on research within the areas of human health and disease. In addition, Jane has been the responsible project manager on a range of human intervention trials in both Denmark and abroad.

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