Jacob Kjartan Rolff-Petersen

Junior Mechanical Engineer
More about Jacob
Jacob is doing a master’s degree in mechanical engineering and assists in product development and construction of prototypes and testing equipment at Technolution. His holistic yet meticulous approach to solving engineering problems fits well with his broad and growing general knowledge of mechanical design and production engineering. Jacob holds a bachelor in engineering degree with a focus on construction and mechanical engineering design. His thesis involved design, simulation, and testing of mass-producible yet sustainable anti-buckling supports for polymer needles. During his studies he worked in a production development department at MAN Energy Solutions, where high tolerance subtractive machining and high-quality standards were the necessary norm. In this position he did new material trials, ERP workflow automation, tool management digitalization and shop-floor mechanical design tasks. He interned at a production company that facilitated product development from A-Z, including sheet-metal mass-production and CNC machining.

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