Christmas puzzle

The Right Answer to a Tricky Test

To have some fun, we asked if you could estimate the tensile strength that would cause the silicone icon to break…  We gave the specifications and the formula. According to theory, the answer should have been 68,4 and equivalent to C – BUT due to the circumstances that the silicone had varying thickness and tiny fractures in the edges, the break happened at 58 newton and therefor the right answer turned out to be B.

This little gimmick taught us that theory and calculation must be accompanied by testing. The subject purely mathematical outlined is only an approximation of the actual outcome.

So, congratulations to all those who submitted the answer B and thanks to all of you for joining the puzzle.

The winners of this puzzle are also the lucky recipients of a box of exclusive chisels. They will be notified directly though the given email.



Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year for Everyone!


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